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Kamikoto Knives are a true example of perfection that is based on a highly-disciplined process that has been preserved through the generations. Each Kamikoto knife has to go through a 19-step process that takes several years to complete. Expert bladesmiths work on each knife blade until it is sharpened, polished, and buffed to perfection. Precision is the key to creating the ideal cooking knife that is molded to the perfectly tuned sharp edge. Then each blade is carefully inspected for our standards of excellence before it is considered good enough to be distributed to our thousands of stores and distribution partners.

How We Choose the Blades

Kamikoto bladesOnce the blades are created, we put them through another inspection process to make sure they pass the test, carefully inspecting each blade before it leaves the forge. This guarantees that each knife preserves the legacy of our single-bevel Japanese steel knife creation to produce the exceptional quality that our customers and chefs demand.

The Art of the Product

We do not think of our knives as just a product. We think of them as a work of art, a carefully tuned instrument that is based on decades and generations of refined skills that are applied to each knife. Like so many disciplines that can be found in the Japanese culture such as Judo, Karate, Meditation, and more, the art of knife creation is considered a unique skill and art and only a few people ever reach the level of craftsman that they are allowed to be involved in the creation of our knives.

Who creates our knives?

A Kamikoto knife blades are all handmade by artisans from Niigata, Japan where a select group of experts creates them, based on centuries-old blacksmithing skills. Like many things in the culture of Japan, we rely on the skill and discipline of our ancestors who taught us the skill of knife-making which we have preserved over several generations so that this unique art will be continued through the ages.

Beginning with the End in Mind

How we create Kamikoto knivesWhen we create the Kamikoto Knives, we always begin with the end in mind. We think of the individual restaurant chefs and cooks who will be using the knives and consider what they need to do their job perfectly. We consider the culinary arts as a unique and specific skill and an art, much like we think of our knife-making skill. We consider the two disciplines are complementary to each other and we create each knife by thinking about the chef who will someday use it to do their job more perfectly.

In this way, you have a product that is not only a work of art, but it is also functional in every way. We study the processes involved in cutting, dicing, and cooking using the knives. So we understand the function and uses that top chefs rely on when using the knives. We create each blade to meet top standards of perfection so that the process of cooking will not be impeded but aided by our knives.

Kamikoto Knives Review

People who receive the Kamikoto knives automatically fall in love with the expert appearance and craftsmanship of the knife. When they try out the knife, they see that the knives cut through paper quickly and easily, indicating that the knife is of the utmost quality and functionality.

In this video YouTube review, the reviewer comments on how easy it is to cut food with the knife in an almost effortless way, and he reported that he is happy with his purchase. You will notice how quickly the blade cuts through the tomato in the example in the video testimonial. By watching this video clip, you can tell that the knives are not only beautiful, but they are built to be an extension of oneself so that the cutting process if effortless and elegant.

The Kamikoto Knife comes in a natural-colored wood box that keeps it safe between uses. It also serves as an excellent gift box if you choose to gift this item for Christmas or other special occasions.

Watch the video:

About Yamomoto-san

Yamamoto-san is a fourth-generation knifesmith who serves as the current Chairman of the Kamikoto Advisory Board. He is proud to work in this capacity and enjoys carrying on the family tradition that his family began years ago. The company was originally founded by his great-great-grandfather in 1908.

Reviews from Amazon


Kamikoto Knives can also be purchased on the Amazon platform. They are very popular with people who have purchased them, and there are several good reviews to be found on the Amazon site. We have featured a few of them below for you to read.


Review #1:
Date: May 1, 2017

“I wouldn’t spend this much on knives normally but a friend purchased this set, and I liked them. I decided to go ahead and splurge! I’ve now had an opportunity to cook a few meals with them, and I’m really glad I did. Went ahead and ordered the Chef knife as well.”

Review #2:
Date: April 18, 2017

“We are impressed with these knives. We had what we thought was a good set of knives. We were wrong. These are light, expertly crafted, and EXTREMELY sharp. Honestly, the biggest complaint I have is they might be too sharp for my wife to use.
They came in a very nice wooden case with a foam insert. We went ahead and got the magnetic knife block and the chef’s knife based upon how impressed we were with the quality.”

Review #3:
Date: April 22, 2017

“These knives are terrific. The blades are very sharp and well balanced with a good weight to enable easy, effective slicing, cutting, & chopping.”

Sharpening Our Craft

The great thing about a centuries-old craft like knife-making is that it continues to improve upon perfection. We keep the formula that our ancestors created the same, but we are always looking for ways to create, distribute, and curate our knives so that more people will be able to enjoy them.

Perfect for the individual kitchen as well as a top-quality industrial chef’s kitchen, we take pride in every knife that leaves our warehouse. But it only goes to be shipped to you when we know it has reached a state of perfection.

Why choose Kamikoto Knives Over Others?

Kamikoto-logoSome discussions on the forums regarding tools for the culinary arts raise the debate that a cheaper knife could be chosen to save overhead and money when starting a restaurant or industrial kitchen. However, the overwhelming opinion is that it is better to pay more for a product as good as this because of its lasting durability, excellence in craftsmanship, and beauty.

Top chefs seem to agree that you need to invest a bit more into your kitchen to see the results of your investment. Paying a bit more for excellence is a very small price to pay when you want to put the best quality tools in your kitchen.

Senshi-Dual Knife Set

If you are looking for a great starter set for the Kamikoto Knives, start with the Senshi Dual Knife Set. You’ll get a 10″ chef’s knife and ad 5.5″ utility knife packed in a nice wooden box and ready to use. They are well-balanced knives, and they are an excellent starter set for chefs and individuals who want to get the best knives in the world for their cooking jobs.

Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set

For the more serious knife collector or culinary specialist, you may want to invest in the Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set that is also available on Amazon and other outlets. This set gives you three knives: an 8.5 inch, 7-inch, and 5-inch utility knife, all sharpened to perfection as is the custom with the Kamikoto knives.

Whatever your needs, you will find that Kamikoto Knives surpass the best quality knives that can be found on any market because they are based on decades and centuries of craftsmanship, sharpening methods, and artistic quality that is second to none.

Our Cheerleaders

We have many cheerleaders who tell others about the quality of our knives. One such person is Ms. Kathy. She has a blog called “Kath Eats Real Food” in which she shared tips and tricks to becoming a great chef in your kitchen. Her blog appeals to the average mom or at-home cook that wants to have the expert tools to be a better cook. In her recent blog entry, she reviews the Kamikoto Knives through videos and photo format and discusses why she thinks it is the best knife on the market.

She says that she loves chopping vegetables and shows how easy the Kamikoto knives make this process in her cooking process.

She also shows some results with illustrated pictures that show the finished product so that people can see what the knives can do. Kath is an excellent testimony to the real value that these knives present to everyone from the everyday mom preparing supper for her family to a top chef in a New York 5-star restaurant!

You can visit Kath’s blog to learn more.


If you want quality, precision, sharpness, and artistry in your kitchen knives, you will want to consider Kamikoto Knives. Created from years of study and precision, you get true quality tools for your culinary projects. It’s not just another knife.

Kamikoto Knives are a work of art. Don’t miss the opportunity to own them.

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